At the beautiful historical location of Delphi in Greece, Panagiotis Mamarelis, professional farmer, started in 1972 his business with beekeeping upon acquisition of his first beehives, to cover the needs of his family. This way, he had his first contact with the marvelous world of bees and this was enough to make him devote himself entirely to beekeeping.Year by year the know-how advances along with the number of beehives. The biodiversity of herbs, the rich soil and the dry and warm climate of the area result to the production of delicate honey varieties, readily recognized and selling like hot cakes to the local market.Today the company continues to keep its family character, has passed to the second generation and consists of a small standard beekeeping facility located in a village of Central Greece, named Penteoria, Municipality of Delphi, Fokida.The unique taste and quality of our honey remains as it was at the beginning. Our products are distributed in selected stores in Athens as well as abroad. They are recognizable and have gained the confidence of consumers.With respect to the human and the environment as well as to the craft we inherited, we keep up working through constant research and expertise on the production of products to the degree of excellence.ABOUT US


Greece is a prime apiary country with thousands of years of tradition and expertise in beekeeping.

The excellent environmental and climate conditions as well as the rare diversity of bee flora with a significant proportion of endemic plants, not found anywhere else in the world (around 1000 species have been found), classify it as one of the richest countries of the world in biodiversity.

In this environment live and develop our beehives; in virgin ecosystems, unaffected by the human and away from organized and intensive monocultures, where chemicals are used.

For the production of ROYAL products, we have chosen the difficult path. We move several times in a year the beehives to the wild mountains of Central Greece, the forests and the valleys with lush flora, aiming to the best yield. In other words, we help and support bees and collect the honey at the end of their feeding cycle.

Climate, rich soil and geomorphology of the location, switching fast from lowland to mountainous, allows coexistence of plants from different soils in the same area.

From this ideal combination of thyme, wildflowers and herbs, which nature herself has chosen, we manage to obtain a 100% pure natural product of limited harvest with excellent organoleptic properties, containing many and various grains of pollen, free from chemical transfection, with unique taste, aroma, color and density.

This is the most gourmet product the Mediterranean diet may offer.

Honey is deservedly one of the national products of Greece and enjoys undoubtedly our respect, attention and love.

Each batch of ROYAL honey, before its distribution to the market, is examined, certified and packed in mild, traditional methods, maintaining unaltered its biological characteristics in accordance with the national and European standards.




It is not exaggeration to claim that Greece produces the best honey in the world. The Greek honey excels in organoleptic ingredients (aroma, flavor, density) in comparison to honeys from other countries because of much sunshine, the soil and especially our rich flora with variety of flowers, herbs and trees.

About one thousand (1000) plants, unique in the world, have been found in the Greek nature.

The plant origin of Greek honeys makes them special in terms of color, taste, density and aroma, properties that have been internationally recognized.

Moreover, honey technology in Greece is not very advanced; therefore Greek honey undergoes minimal standardization and processing. On the contrary, imported honey is a product of standardization and extensive elaboration (pollen removal, excessive heating, blends preventing crystallization, color change, etc.).

Honey is deservedly one of the national products of Greece and enjoys undoubtedly our respect, attention and love.

The quality of Greek honey and the observance of national and European legislation are ensured by the state through frequent and strict examinations and by certified laboratories.





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